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The Barn Fire Prevention Task Force, a sub-committee of the VT Rural Fire Protection Task Force, has been established to identify ways that we can work to reduce and prevent future barn fires. Our working committee consists of farmers, firefighters, and staff from the Northern Vermont Resource Conservation & Development Council, University of Vermont Extension, Co-op Insurance Company, FireProTec Incorporated, Senator Bernie Sanders' office, the Vermont Division of Fire Safety and the Vermont Department of Labor.

Recent projects include development and distribution of educational information kits in both Spanish and English; Filming 3 “Across the Fence” television programs on barn fire prevention and finding resources to establish a fire extinguisher cost-share program for barn owners.

Watch Across the Fence episodes with Barn Fire Prevetion as the topic by clicking on the appropriate link below!

Episode 1

Barn Fire Prevention Task Force

Episode 2

Fire Extinguishers

Episode 3

Keep Family Safe from Fire

Episode 4

Vermont's Wildfire Danger is on High Alert

Episode 5

 Protecting Your Home and Family: Winter Fire Safety

The following documents are Barn Fire Safety informational brochures and packets including an emergency sign to be hung in barns and stables.  You will need Adobe Reader to access the files.

Complete Barn Fire Safety Packet - all documents (3MB) Compressed ZIP File

Barn Fire Safety Starts With You (705KB)

Barn Fire Emergency Sign (173KB)

Evacuation of Livestock During a Fire (774KB)

Farm Fire Pre Plan Form (123KB)

Farm Fire Safety Guide (601KB)

Fire Extinguisher Safety Sheet (298KB)

Fire Safety Reminders Safety Sheet (324KB)

Hay Fire Prevention Safety Sheet (296KB)

Below are some of the above barn fire documents converted to Spanish in a Windows compressed ZIP file.

NOTE: The Barn Fire Emergency Sign in this packet has English on one side and Spanish on the other in the PDF file so it's "flippable".

Partial Barn Fire Safety Packet-Spanish (2MB) Compressed ZIP File